View tab

The Word 2010 ribbon interface View Tab > Show panel area has three main options:

  • View > Show > Ruler
  • View > Show > Gridlines
  • View > Show > Navigation Pane

View > Show > Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is Cathie’s best tool when editing her “History On This Day”. By using H1 headings in Style, she can have in-document “links” to each day in a week of days for example, underneath the day, there can be a “1900” in H2 to show those day events in the 1900’s.

Navigation Pane lets you click to navigate in the document file

Navigation Pane_Headers_Word2010






In a “PC Encyclo” document file, for example, a H1 corresponds to a light-yellow “Topic Title, H2 level gray-highlighting corresponds to PowerPoint “bullet-points”.

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Review Tab


Word Review tab > tracking > Changes

While helping Cathie with her project, I came across a document that was different from all the others exactly like it with red text, dashed red lines and red comment-balloons. If you see this, check the Review tab, Track Changes will be “on” and in this recreated example, “Final, show markup” appears to the right. That same field also has the select option for “original” to view the document normally.

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Word Styles


Word Styles are to Word what CSS is to HTML and Websites

Like HTML in the beginning, each word could literally have its own applied style, but it obviously made more sense to have a defined style for each unique Word element like “normal” paragraph text and “heading 1” for all heading 1 class elements through a document.

HTML Style Sheets to Word Style Sets

Makes it much easier to have a consistent document “look”


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Word content for WordPress

Word content for WordPress can be via a PDF

This lets you “import” a finished Word document to the WordPress Media Library for use on a page.

Publisher content for WordPress can be via a PDF as well

This lets you have all the creative license you want with your content and still put it inside your WordPress site framework!

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